Best Copic Marker Alternatives for Artists & Creatives

Copic markers are one of the well-known oil markers, however, due it is also one of the costliest markers in the marketplace. And for those who are just practising anime art, it becomes a meaningless expense, especially when there are many great copic marker alternatives that will offer almost the same art quality at a much lower price. 

We have tested and handpicked some of the cheapest copic marker alternatives that creates vibrant art and only bleeds as much as copic.

Why should you look for copic marker alternatives?

Copic markers are marketed for their blending capabilities, but there are a lot more options that offer the same (or even better) blending with cross colors. Here are some of the main reasons for why you should rather go for a copic marker alternative -
  1. Copic markers are expensive - Copic markers are one of the most expensive alcohol based markers. Where most of the alcohol based markers (like PrismaColor or Ohuhu) cost $3 or less (per marker), Copic markers charge $10 for a single marker.
  1. Doesn't work well with other art supplies - Copics often don't mix and match with other art supplies. For example, if you are using gel pens and copics, you'd have to wait for copics to dry.
  1. Takes time to fade - This is the reason most people choose copic dupes like TouchFive markers. Copic uses dye inks that take a lot of time to dry. Other marker inks don't need special care and the marker art dries quickly.  
  1. Bleeds more - Bleeding is pretty common among all alcohol markers, but TouchFive bleeds slightly less compared to Copic markers. 

Things to consider when selecting a copic marker alternative

  • Color blending - In order for your art to look vibrant, it is important that the colors blend together seamlessly. 
  • Design - Most of the copic marker dupes offer ergonomic designs so you can draw more easily. 
  • Price - Copic marker alternatives cost $2 to $5 per pen depending upon the brand you choose.

Best Copic Marker Alternatives 2021 

1. TouchFive

TouchFive Marker 36/48/60/80/168 set

TouchFive is one of the best Copic marker alternatives with a much better price and almost the same quality. TouchFive markers blend with one another easily making it easy for you to create multi-colored pictures.

Touch5 offers high quality ink that dries quickly and bleeds as much as copic markers. 

Design-wise, the rectangular pen might feel a bit odd to some users. The chisel side is smoother than the bullet side, but both of them offer precise coloring. In addition to color indicators on both ends, you will also get a smooth color lay down allowing you to draw beautiful alcohol based paintings.  

Overall, it's a highly affordable copic dupe with fine 1mm tips & broad 7mm tips making it perfect for airbrushing, calligraphy, coloring, drawing, sketching, writing and more.

Standalone Features

  • High Color Accuracy
  • Precise, dual tip with color indicators
  • Smooth color lay-down
  • Beautiful Alcohol Based Oil Paintings

Cost per marker - $1.52

2. ShinHan

ShinHan Marker Set


Another one picked on my "copic marker alternatives" is ShinHan. It is a fairly new marker company as compared to other options.

The fine brush nib and the medium nib on the other end makes it good for beginner designers who want to learn anime art but don't want to invest a lot on markers.

ShinHan cost more than other popular alternatives like TouchFive or Prismacolor.

Standalone Features

  • Alcohol based ink
  • Ink is refillable

Cost per marker - $4.80

3. Prismacolor 3620 Premier

Prismacolor markers


Prismacolor 3620 is a popular dual tip marker with slightly different design than other copic dupes. Though it is not ergonomically designed, you'd like the durability of these markers.

They use dye-based ink for richly saturated colors and great blending.

Standalone Features

  • Vibrant colors
  • Good quality ink
  • Made in USA

Cost per marker - $2

Which is the best Copic Marker Alternatives?

Nearly all of the Copic dupes offer the sample quality since they all are alcohol based, however, when it comes to using it for anime art, fashion illustration, etc; it's all about precision. 

We recommend TouchFive since they are the most affordable, but if you want more options, PrismaColor is also something you can go with. 

Now that you know about the best copic alternatives, it's time to learn how to get started with you art -