About Us

Soltago: The problem we found

Soltago is a newly started company located in Copenhagen - Denmark with an idea going back to 2018. An idea that arose because of the current norm in the watch industry. Watches are being mass-produced, but unfortunately, far too many of them with the focus of cutting corners and keeping costs as low as possible while driving prices through the roof. Somehow it has become an industry standard where major brand markup their products 6-12x of the actual cost of the watch. That is why Soltago began. We believed we could do better without taking a huge markup on our watches.



The solution: Innovation

To do that, we envisioned a vertical supply chain that could deliver unrivaled value and a small batch manufacturing process that could ensure quality, while not making us compelled to take large markups on our products. We skip the traditional steps in a supply chain, where storage centers and retailers take their cut, and we instead ship directly from the factory to the customer. That has enabled us to lower our markups substantially, in fact, our markup is so low, that the profit we gain for each watch sold, is as low as 5-10% depending on the watch model.



The inspiration: Quality & product

The love for the watch making derived from the complexity of such a complicated piece of work that a watch is The intricacies of a watch and the artisan craftsmanship that it requires, is what pushes us to perform better and with better quality. Our watch collections draw inspiration from many icons of the ancient Mediterranean and pays homage to the art & elegance that we cherish now. All our watches are handcrafted, with skill and care to ensure that the quality you receive is more than you expected. Every time you receive one of our products, we want you to feel like you got more than what you paid for.



The process: Craftmanship

The watch industry offers amazing handcrafted high-end watches, with great quality, while at the same mass producing low end watches with poor quality. Our goal is to place us in the middle that we believed was missing. Solid, well-made products delivered in a quality greater than what you could expect. Now, This hasn’t proven to be easy. We have been humbled a few times by our own mistakes, but we’re starting to get the hang of it. Our products are not perfect, but experience and continuous revisions are getting us closer. Since starting with just watches, our arsenal, including wallets, bracelets, watch boxes and straps has grown bigger and bigger.

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