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Whether you want to give your loved one a handmade item that actually helps them, or grab a pen for yourself, we got you covered!
  • 100% Original Oak Wood
  • Custom Engraving Options
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Premium Quality

Original Oak Barrel

After whiskey is aged in an American Oak barrel from Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's, or Maker's Mark, we reclaim the barrel wood and craft a high quality, unique bolt-action pen.

Available in

Multiple Wood Options

Although our centerpiece (Oak Wood Pen) is made with aged whiskey barrels, we do offer four more wood pen variants including Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Burl and Cedar


Smooth writing experience

In addition to precise wood-working, we also ensure that you have a good writing experience.

Made with ❤️ in 


All of our wood pens are handcrafted in USA allowing us to keep quality checks and ship quickly.

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  • Bolt Action click mechanism

  • Refills with Parker style ballpoint ink

  • Arrives in a hard paper gift box

  • Handcrafted in Westminster, MD

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