Send us photos!

We love receiving photos of our customers showcasing their watch right after they received it!

Make a review on the bottom of the product page of the watch you bought. There you can submit your photo & a review which will be uploaded at the bottom of the product page. 

Each month we select a few photos from our customers, either from our customer reviews, or send per email to

This month we chose the following:

 Send by:


- Jeffrey G. Spears ME 04263

- Donald M. Meyer, MI 48610

Bryan J. Harmon, TX 78401


Martin Seward, NJ 08104

- John F. Wiechmann, MI 48607

- Dale Harrison, NC 27612

Jose B. Block, TX 78258

- James A. Townsend, TX 78666

- William R. Funk, NY 13901

- Charles R. Pulley, KY 42743


Thanks for all your reviews & photos !